Save Lowell High

Voters Deserve to be Heard

80% of Signatures Certfied for LHS Ballot Question

The Lowell Sun reported this morning:

With less than two weeks before the deadline, more than 80 percent of the required signatures have been certified by the city. The group has been collecting signatures to put a non-binding question about the future of Lowell High School on the November ballot.

That is 5,301 signatures that have now been certified, so we’re just over a thousand signatures short of the 6,523 we need to put this question on the ballot.

We need to exceed the required number of signatures, and that means having supporters come out and volunteer. Knocking on doors this weekend, and next weekend is the best way to collect signatures. Sign up to talk to people about why Lowell needs to build its new, state-of-the-art high school downtown, where all of our students can easily get to school, and access all of our city’s many resources.